Growl Towels Support A HealthY LifE Style With Dogs 

Growl Towels is excited to support many dog related initiatives and those enhancing life with dogs.  Chris D’ Aboitiz  special connection with his dog is evident through their wonderful experiences on his sup board.  

Their water adventures are a testament to what can be achieved when one truly builds trust and understanding with his dog. 

Including your dog in outdoor activities has many emotional and physical benefits, there’s no doubt more of us are finding new ways to involve our pets in the great outdoors. 

Growl Towels believes life with a dog is awesome so get out there and let the fun begin!

Chris de Aboitiz

Dog trainer & waterman.

   Chris, Murph,   Rama and Lani at Noosa Beach

 Chris, Murph, Rama and Lani at Noosa Beach

Chris is an innovator, credited with bringing Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) to Australia.  He opened the first kite surfing shop in Australia, providing kite surfing lessons and also teaching his son Keahi de Aboitiz, who is now four times and current Kitesurfing World Champion!

Chris established 1770 SUP hire and lessons along with his dog friendly accommodation near the town of 1770 in Queensland.  For the past ten years Chris has continued to follow his passion for the ocean, dogs, and teaching, creating a career by developing his dog training program called ‘Natural Balance Dog’.

Chris founded SUP DOG OZ  where he engages a global audience through his dog surfing entertainment and dog training education courses.

Chris is a champion waterman, innovator, teacher, dog man and humanitarian who believes “my dogs are my teachers”.

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