Frequently asked questions

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself why there are so many different types of towels? Aren’t they meant to just dry you off?

We have greater expectations of the humble towels so it has evolved both functionally and aesthetically. Towels don't just dry, they are a decorative addition to your home and contribute to you and your pet's well being. There are so many factors that create a quality towel. Let us know how you find our Growl Towels so we can work to improve our products and our service. 

How do I choose a good towel?

Firstly consider how you intend to use the towel, are you after a bath towel or beach towel? Bath towels are general higher quality gsm and are more plush and absorbent. However this means they take longer to dry. A bath towel is general used once a day and can take longer to dry between uses. If hung up after use it will dry completely over a period of a few hours.

A beach towel in comparison can be used several times in one period, so it needs to have a quicker drying ability, this is why they are frequently made in less gsm than a bath towel and are less thick.

The weave techniques on various types of cottons and natural threads determine performance factors like absorbency, drying ability and luxury level. Thicker is not always better, as it depends on your requirements.

What is GSM?

This stands for grams per square meter and refers to the amount of cotton used to produced the towel The more cotton used the higher the GSM. This will also make it heavier, it will not affect absorbency but it will take longer to dry than a towel with less GSM. Our GSM range from about 420gsm - 500gsm.

What does Jacquard mean?

A jacquard towel is a manufacturing technique whereby the colors are woven
into the towel. Two or more colors can be used in the process. The colours are
reversed on the opposite side, it’s a great effect.

Why doesn't the velour side dry as well?

The velour side is designed for comfort and depending on the level of GSM they can be very velvety and luxurious. Velour feels lovely against you skin and my dogs love its feel. You can then use this side to lounge on read a book and kick back and relax, then dry off on the opposite side that’s design to absorb water more readily.

How do I keep my towel looking good?

Wash your towel before use as it will remove the finishing agents used during
manufacturing. This will also help increase the absorbency of your towel. Make sure your detergent is completely dissolved, otherwise it may cause bleaching in areas. Washing first allows for a bit of shrinkage and settles the cotton fibres.
It will reduce the likelihood of pulls too.

Avoid certain skin creams, perfumes,skin products and hair dyes as this
may also cause bleaching or colour changes on your towel. Most fabric conditioners will coat your towel with a film and reduce the absorbency so avoid the silicone base conditioners.

If you use the tumble dryer only use a cool/ warm setting as high drying temperatures will cause the towel to shrink excessively and leave it feeling rough.

Avoid excessive amounts of detergent or over drying on the line this will leave your
towels hard and crusty ruining the cotton fibres. If your guilty of leaving your
towels on the line for days at a time then it will reduce the life of your lovely towel. I prefer line drying, then fold and store dry towel. Bacteria will breed in damp towels and can lead to mould.

Remember to consult your care label if in doubt.