The Team at Growl Towels would like to thank the special dogs and our dog people friends for being part of our Journey. It has been fun getting to know our furry friends Sox, Luca, Meg, Daphne and Chester.  Sox the cutest ever Boston Terrier, eventually fell asleep during the shoot and was carried around by Chris like a baby. Luca, the  Weimaraner was wonderfully regal and curious, while tucked into his arm chair, Meg the Cavoodle, was a natural model and happy to work it, for our photographer. Daphne the cavalier cross on the other hand was annoyed we lingered a little longer than expected and happy to wag us goodbye.

Also a special hug to our own wonderful patient Spike who passed away in february 2019 at nearly 18 years old and our spirited little Snoopy both were rescue dogs. They have inspired me throughout with their beautiful souls. They made the photo shoots fun and entertaining and we deeply miss Spike.

We asked a lot of Snoops to get the lovely shots of her in the bath. She actually just wanted to be with us and please us, it was a testament to the loving nature of dogs. 

Kai, Zoe and Chester featured in our Youtube video they had a energetic session on the beach just doing what kids and dogs do, having fun and needed no direction. Thanks guys! 

We hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to you being part of our Growl Community through our products, on going campaigns and social media.

Regards Lys. 

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