Dog Towels for The Surf Dog that loves the water

Unique Australian Designed Dog Towels For Beach And Home

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Super Soft Dog Towels

MULTIPLE USES with our generous sized Towels
Dog Blankets and Mats
Beach Towels for your dog
Protect your furniture
Your dog will LOVE them!

Fantastic towels! Thick, fluffy and luxurious. I use these towels to dry my dog after a bath and when I go to the beach. They are super absorbant and come in great colours and patterns. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for great quality towels for their dog
— Rhiannon
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Non Slip PVC Bath Mats
Bath Towels for your dog
No more mistaken the dog towel for your own
Towels that dry your pet fast

FREE Wash Bag with every Bath Towel Purchased

“ ...just wanted to say that the mats are great! they have great grip and I totally recommend them it’s hard to find a decent non slip mat and these are so cute too “
— Fran


Wash bags to trap dog hair. Stop it going through your machine
Easy to clean Car Seat Covers
Beach Bags

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 Dry your pet fast with Growl Towels, unique gift for dog lovers and their dogs. 


Protect your special pet from slipping using our NON SLIP MATS with antibacterial properties.

It’s Ideal for use by vets on examine tables, home care, professional grooming or as a feeding mat.        



 When You Purchase A Growl Towels Product You Are Also Supporting Animal Welfare Groups In Their Vital Work.  

Thank you for showing your love and support for your dog.