Our Story

My 2 dogs Spike and Snoopy were the catalyst for Growl Towels, which evolved in January 2015.Since this time we have been very busy designing our range for your enjoyment. We can help with some “ wet dog” problems while  fostering an opportunity to improve your bond with your precious pet. 

Growl Towels' commitment is to reinforce that all dogs deserve to be treated compassionately and respectfully  from all humans and to promote positive interactions that will enhance the relationship with your dog. We can all contribute to a change of attitude to improve the lives of less fortunate dogs simply by caring better for our own. Through the love we share with our own lucky pets, we can improve the lives of street dogs and neglected animals. When you purchase a Growl Towel a donation will be made to a number of charities to support their efforts. 

A Dog's growl is a form of communication. it can mean a number of things, expressions of pleasure through play and as a warning when needed. Our ethos and motto is: “We say it through our GROWLS” It has been a very humbling journey to become more involved in animal welfare. I hope you enjoy our fun and functional collection.

Regards Lys